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Slice an analytic

Adding Slicers to an analysis provides the ability to filter report data. This action is dynamic and can be changed multiple times to view different slices of the data.


  1. Open an existing analysis report.

  2. Drag any value from the DIMENSION TREE onto the Slicers placeholder.


    In the example below, Company is used.


    The Company drop-down list displays all members of the level.

  3. Using the drop-down list, change the slicer value to filter the report data.

  4. To access Slicer Options navigate to the Slicer tab. Each report slicer has an entry for which settings like label, description and type can be configured.

    • Inline - This provides options to select in a line.

    • Single Select - This provides a drop-down with only one selection option.

    • Multi-Select - This provides a drop-down with multiple selection options.

    • Date Range - This provides a start and end date.

    • Time context - This slicer allows you to specify a context period from a single drop-down list

  5. Click Save.