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Using Folders

Folders are used in Data Hub to organize resources. All folders can be viewed in Resource Explorer (left-hand side), together with any resources they currently contain. The Resource Explorer is traversed in the same way as Windows File Explorer (e.g. click a folder's '4' symbol to display its contents). Additionally, resources can be located using the Search bar at the top of Data Hub.


Resource Explorer is collapsed by default to provide a greater working space. Click the horizontal ellipsis to expand.

Navigate folders

Resource Explorer allows navigation of all Data Hub design elements, including those that are user-defined. Resources are organized into folders.

By default, the current user's folder and the Public folder are visible (security determines whether additional folders are visible):

  • User Folder - Contains material created by and available to the current user. The folder is labeled with the user's full Active Directory name.

  • Public Folder - Contains material available to all users, including the System Content folder, which contains pre-built resources (for example, functions or templates).

Map supported resources

You can easily change which supporting resources are used by a particular resource using the Map Resources function on the FOLDER tab. For example, you can change the resources used by a dashboard.

  1. Open Resource Explorer.

  2. Right-click a folder and select Map Resources.

  3. Click the Show all references check box to display all supporting resources.

  4. Open Resource Explorer and drag resources to the Current Reference column for the resource you want to replace.

  5. Click Save.