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Connect to a Data Hub warehouse

Connecting directly to a Data Hub model warehouse is possible through SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) or other third party tools e.g. PowerBI.

Previously Servername and credentials for this connection had to be retrieved from the model server, model properties and model role. Since Data Hub v10, these details have been consolidated to the Data Hub Model, Connection panel.

New connection details for your model warehouse.

  1. Open the model in Data Hub that you intend to connect to.

  2. On the model screen, navigate to the right hand side and open the Warehouse panel.

  3. Warehouse credentials fields:

    • Server: This is the name of the Azure SQL server that is hosting the model warehouse.

    • Warehouse Name: This is the database name property of the model.

    • Username: Is the name of the SQL user. This is configured under the model role section, and by default is called Application Users.

    • Password: Click on the lock icon and copy the password associated with the SQL User.