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The complete guide to Analytics with Data Hub

Estimated reading time: 3 hrs.


This article is currently in Beta. While all information included is correct, some images may change to reflect changes to the product.


Welcome to the complete guide to Analytics with Data Hub. Some link destinations may not yet be available. This article intends to provide you with the knowledge required to build world-class analytics in Data Hub. While this is a lengthy article, it serves as an alternative learning path to the Data Hub Analytics training course his article covers the same content as the Basics, Intermediate, and Advanced Analytics modules taken together. Because this article covers the equivalent of three training modules, it does not go as deep into individual features. Instead, it assumes you will use the online documentation as required. At the end of this article is a list of next steps that you may consider to bed in the knowledge you gain. We assume you will have access to a Data Hub instance while reading this article to walk through some exercises and discover some of the features yourself.

We have organized the article in a few sub section to make it easier to navigate and read.