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Getting started with Dimensional Modeling


Deploy analytics

The following properties may be available depending on your configuration.

  • ➕ Deploy Analytics

    If your model was built from a solution, this button allows you to redeploy analytics that have been removed. This button does not appear if you built the model using a data source.

    This button is displayed, but it is dimmed (grayed out) unless analytics have been deleted and can be redeployed.


    Any analytics included in the solution are deployed automatically when the model is built. There is no need to click Deploy Analytics to deploy them.

  • ➕ Deploy Chart of Accounts Analytics

    If your model was build from a Dynamics AX solution, this button deploys detailed Chart of Accounts calculations, if they are included in the model. This button does not appear if you built the model using a Dynamics AX data source.

Review analytics

Opens the import wizard on any analytics that use the model as their data source, such as the analytics deployed as part of a solution. The import wizard has three steps: Review Calculations, Missing Members, and Validate Resources. In the case of a solution deployed without any changes, all three steps will report no issues. However, Data Hub recommends you run through the process to ensure you are happy with the model structure.

Publish User Reporting Calculations

Deploying reporting calculations to the cube is optional.

To deploy Reporting Calculations to a cube, select the Publish User Reporting Calculations check box under Reporting on the Model pane. This change affects the deployment of Elements to the cube, including:

  • Named Sets.

  • Calculated Members.

Data Model-Only license permission

Specific license permission is available that grants the use of only the Data Hub data modeling functionality. Customers with modeling-only licenses can create cubes using the data modeling feature, and may then create reports from the cubes using other methods.

When this license is used, Data Hub will behave differently as follows:

  • The New button will only have buttons for Model Server and Model.

  • The More... button on the New ribbon will only contain buttons for Model Server, Model, Solution, Folder, and Theme.

  • The Share button on the Home ribbon will not be displayed.

  • The Change Connection, Review Calculations, Missing Members, Map Resources, and Validate buttons on the FOLDER ribbon will not be displayed.

  • On the Roles tab, accessed from the Settings screen, the Distribute, Explore, Package, Publish, and Report permissions will not be shown.

  • The import wizard will not display the Missing Resources, Missing Members, and Validate Resources steps.

  • Security roles other than Administrator and Model Designer will be removed.

  • No non-model resources (such as analyses, dashboards, and report packs) will be displayed in the Resource Explorer.

  • On the Model Server tab, the Enable cube security, Default Database, Cache query, and Query Timeout settings will not be displayed.

  • The Deploy Chart of Accounts Analytics button will not be displayed in the model tab's Properties panel.

  • The Map and Run As options on the Settings screen will be hidden.

  • A number of items on the Application tab will be hidden.