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Cloud release notes January 2020

User Indexes

When creating a new Index, you can validate the index columns as unique by checking Unique in the New Index pane under General.

Enforce key uniqueness recommendations

When creating a model in Data Hub, there may be times where your keys are duplicated, causing incorrect results to be returned. This applies to the columns marked as part of the pipeline's primary key on the final step of the pipeline. These columns appear with a key symbol to the right of their entries in the COLUMNS pipeline tab.

Data Hub will now provide a recommendation to enforce key uniqueness on a pipeline when:

  • The pipeline uses a SQL or Union step. The pipeline's staging table does not have keys.

  • The pipeline's staging table has keys, and those keys differ from the keys of the source.

  • The pipeline is a from-pipeline, and the source pipeline's keys are not guaranteed to be unique.

  • A lookup targets a pipeline where the keys aren't guaranteed to be unique.

  • A lookup targets a pipeline that isn't materialized, and the lookup relationship isn't based on the target pipeline's key (or columns that are otherwise uniquely indexed).

Performance enhancements

The January 2020 release also contains performance enhancements and bug fixes to make Data Hub better for you.