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Data Hub analytics glossary



Data Hub vs Industry Term



A core resource that allows you to use your data and create anything from a simple table to complex multiple-page reports.

Calculated Column

Drill Down

Drilling down is like “walking through different levels of a hierarchy, from the top down”. For hierarchical data where values are grouped into levels, drilling down moves from one level down to the next.

Commonly seen hierarchies may be: Date based data – Year, quarter, month and day Geographical data – Country, State, Postal code, City

Data Source

Drill Up

Drill up is like “walking through different levels of a hierarchy, from the bottom up”. It is often used to “undo” a drill down function

Source Filter

Pipeline Filter

Drill Through

Drill through can be thought of as navigating to related data. It allows users to explore data by taking them to another/different related report



From Old help: An arrangement of data consisting of sets and subsets where every subset is of lower rank than the set.



From Old help: A named calculation that takes an input (optionally), does something, and returns a result. Example, Now() is a standard coding function that returns the current date & time.

Managing Step Columns


From old help: A filter for the data than end-user can affect in the interface, as for example with a drop-down of values. See Filter.